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Who do you need to gain more business success?

There are strategic decision to make about your business: productivity, expansion, staff, new service or products. This sort of business decision where you don’t need a silicitor or a tax adviser because they are specialist in law or tax issues.

But you are the specialist in your field because you know your industry, your trade or branche. That makes your strategy decision in the first instance to a matter of your competence.

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Most important: You know your business best.

It isn’t necessary to hire expensive business adviser. Let’s face how that usually works:

1 .You are looking for a adviser and you need a quote.

2. You hand them over a lot of information.

3. Then you wait a while because the adviser needs time to understand how your business works. Afterwards he has to digg deeper into your present issue to consider some suggestions for your business.

4. After a few weeks you will get the result about this process and a big invoice about dozend hours of work. By the way, no defense but with this approach the adviser will need dozens of hours.

5. Sometimes there are suitable solutions, sometimes not.

It feels always like a lottery draw to get the right solution or idea. But we talk about your business, that doesn’t deserve to be a gamble. Your business it is a serious issue for you and your family.




. strategy tools

What do you need for the first step


  • You need a little space such as your desk or your office floor.
  • You need about two hours of your precious time.
  • Your need a helpful tool: You need me because I will guide you through a very time and cost effective process straight away to your new business idea and to more profit.

That will cost you just a fixed price and maybe travel expenses, if we cannot do it online. Yes, it is possible to run this session online as well. That is pretty amazing, isn’t it?


Are you sceptical about this offer?


Maybe, you are thinking right now: This isn’t for my business because it is too small, too big, too special, too….

My service is suitable for any size of business in any industry. I don’t need to know about your business because you are the right person to know everything about it.

Just listen to my international clients:





“My coaching experience with Heike has been remarkable.
The tool Heike provided has helped me to identify the next steps to focus on and to take fast actions that resulted in immediate returns. What stood out for me are two invaluable skills: Heike’s ability to balance the need to explore the issues versus the need to move on and implement changes. An additional advantage of Heike’s method is that it is also very effective via Skype, which can save travel time and expenses.”
Mrs Tina Degner

HR Officer, London

Dear Ms Noack
This is to confirm your Professional Reorientation workshops with one to one clients as well as groups during 2009 and 2010. The UniCredit Bank AG (formerly HypoVereinsbank AG) is a member of the international UniCreditGroup which has over 160,000 members and we emphasize the professional and personal development of our staff.
Ms Noack’s workshops were very flexible and our staff made intensive use of the workshops. Our staff found Ms Noack’s workshops to be professional and extremely successful. During the workshops, members of staff evaluated their personal and professional situations in order to provide active steps for professional or personal re-orientation. We would like to thank Ms Noack for her successful courses and we wish her continued success as a trainer and coach.
Division Private and Business Clients

UniCredit Bank AG Munich

“I asked Heike to help me with some business related decisions that I was stuck with. She has a whealth of experience and is able to advise in a very comprehensive manner. As she offers her service also via Skype it was very easy to find a place in my schedule. I would not hesitate for a second to call on her again.”
Mr Westphal

Proprietor, Bytecare Ltd., London, UK

The individual coaching and approach to the profiling of my personality factor and identifying my personal skills and strengths, gave me precious feed back and a clear foundation for my further business career. In my opinion the coaching process with Miss Heike Noack is a systematic and optimal way for developing your personal awareness and growth. In demanding and challenging times, reflection and solution oriented methods are more than valuable. My grateful  due to recommendation for Miss Noack’s service!
Mrs Neli Berger

Senior Expert of Public Relations and Communication, Ljubljana, Slovenia

I cannot stop to think about what I have learnt! Thank you very much indeed for all informations and ideas.
Mrs Majkic

Senior Management Administrator, Germany

Mrs Noack demonstrates empathy with staff and provides very clear insight into candidates’ suitability. Her profiling has had a major impact on our company’s efficiency. Her impartial views and advice have proved beneficial to all parties concerned as well as being cost effective.
Mr and Mrs Martin Frisby

Frisby's College, Great Yarmouth, UK

Mrs Noack has is a highly experienced business consultant. She uses well-known training, coaching and consulting methods and is highly accomplished. Mrs Noack is a very good judge of character. Her empathy and integrity makes her an ideal adviser. She is open minded, competent, honest, and reliable.
Georg Dauth

Proprietor GEDAM Management Tools, DiSC authorized distributor

I cannot praise enough the passion with which Heike approached the work she did with me and my work colleagues to help us to work together as a more cohesive team. The system she used was very comprehensive, challenging and fun. The content was very coherent and applicable to all members of the team. The work Heike did with us over just two sessions has helped to motivate us and encouraged better communication between all members of the team. This has been an invaluable experience for all of us.
Ms Kuherhi

Senior Neighbourhood Officer, Voluntary Norfolk, UK

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